S)(**&^%$ – Why Am I In Denial and Procrastinating?

Procrastination and Overwhelm:

Sometimes you procrastinate because there are so many choices that you become overwhelmed.


You don’t want to waste time doing the wrong thing, going with the wrong product, coach, idea, etc.
So you delay making a decision and guess what?

You are wasting your precious time.

For example, I’m in the process of deciding on an Internet coaching program.
Now, all of a sudden, there are tons of people offering coaching.


Some of them I already own products from and others who have great reputations
for training others.

But which one will be right for me?

Who will I resonate with and be able to absorb the training from most easily?

Then it boils down to affordability… Can I afford the level of training that I really need?

Can I afford not to get that level of training?

At the moment, I am already in two Group Coaching programs and a major vibrant Internet Marketing system with an excellent funnel and high end products, and it also comes with training and coaches.

Yet I can’t seem to make a sale for even the initial

product as yet despite many solo ads, banner ads on my websites, blog posts, etc.

Very Frustrating!

So now I’ve succumbed to the shiny object syndrome and bought a number of products
guaranteed to get traffic flying into your opt-in page or sales page with their wallets open
and credit cards waving begging to be the first to buy.

All the products say “These are the best video products, easiest Facebook ad systems and software, Social Marketing systems and software”, and on and on.

I have one 5 week Group Coaching program starting this weekend, I’m checking out another Top Quality but quite costly Group Coaching program tomorrow, and just now was introduced to another Coaching program that is more affordable, recommended by someone that I know and respect and seems to have great solid and substantial recommendations from students (I know, I know), did I say it was affordable?

And it is pulling and tugging at me saying “Buy me, Buy me…”

What to do, decisions, decisions, decisions.

In the meantime, I can’t seem to get going today on other income producing activities.

I’ve got to decide one way or another so that I can move forward. Progress is the name of the game. Not action for the sake of action.

I need to take the action that will result in PROGRESS! But I need to do this now.

Wow, indecision and procrastination – two mean S(*&^%$#.

OK.  so tune in tomorrow to find out what happens.

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