Review Of Bluehost Verification System Support…Or Lack Of Support!


Here's my personal experience and Review Of the Bluehost Verification System

On Aug.20, 2020 I purchased a 3 year hosting account from Bluehost and began transferring some of my websites over.

On Aug 21, 2020 I had one website transferred over and one in the process using the Bluehost plugin. Suddenly, that evening I got an email from and shortly thereafter another from, both asking for my ID details. This made me very suspicious. Shortly thereafter I noticed that my website was showing “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED”.

The decent thing for Bluehost Verification to do would have been to wait for my reply or even just show a notice on my website for the owner to contact But no… a very embarassing “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED” notice was showing for all my readers to see. I called Bluehost support who verified that I needed to submit my ID as requested.

I reluctantly sent the ID requested and a copy of my bank document showing that the payment had been deducted from my account and received by Bluehost 3 days ago. I've contacted Chat Support and spoken to Bluehost support 3 times already and up to Monday 24th 11:20 AM still no word from the Verification team and my account is still suspended.

Two of my transferred websites had been subjected to Suspension notices by Bluehost and I have had to waste a day to recover and repoint them to my previous hosting company due to this unpleasant and embarrassing situation.

My hard earned money that I used to pay for my Bluehost account is now locked in at Bluehost and I've lost 3 days so far of my 3 year period plus the added embarrassment. Even if I requested a return of my funds I would need to have an added amount returned to compensate for my losses due to exchange control and bank fees.

Is this how Bluehost cares for its customers? Very unprofessional non service!

I'll update as this situation unfolds.

UPDATE #1 – 6 days and counting…

I just received an email from confirming the order and payment and providing a login link. Upon trying to login I got a “Login Failed”notice. Once again, back to Chat support who once again advised me that the account was deactivated for verification. Once again many apologies from the Chat support but still being told that they would again request urgent reactivation within 24 hours.

So the beat goes on! Unreal!

UPDATE #2 Final…

BlueHost has reversed my payment so I’m staying with that and not purchasing hosting from them in the future. They did not even have the courtesy of sending me an email advising me of the reversal.negative

While the actual support team tried their best to be helpful, the Bluehost Verification Team. were Very Disappointing and Very Unprofessional.



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