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Learn To Play Piano

Have you ever wonder how those pianists start working with the piano and how much they endured to be that good… I mean, just think about it?

Did you ever wish you could play like them someday or in the near future?

Have you dreamed of becoming a student but were too budget-tight to even enroll yourself on a short course?

Commonly, learning piano starts at a very young age.


This is because a skill is best honed while you are just starting to explore things around you.

Discipline in music should also be learned and applied as early as a person is able to talk. However, not everyone is given the chance to study piano the way the others had.
Some cannot afford to buy the instrument. Some, who managed to acquire one, cannot afford to get even a basic session with a piano teacher.

So what is the best way to learn piano?

There are a lot of ways. But you first have to learn if piano is really in your heart. It is easy to learn, yet it can also be tricky and frustrating at times. It may take a while for some to master playing a single piece and fast and easy for others.

It may be hard for others to glide one finger to one note from the other. It can kill hours after hours of your day. But if you can learn each lesson by heart and keep your passion for music, then playing piano can be a piece of cake for you.

Second, make learning fun. Incorporate each lesson with a game you use to play when you were young.

There are a lot of finger exercises called hopping, rolling and gliding to name a few. There are also some pieces available where you can apply these exercises.

SOON you will see the keyboard in your HEAD!

Keep yourself motivated by music.

Your passion for music will be the key instrument that will push you to study and learn.

Listen to classical pieces, to jazz tracks, to any movie soundtrack.

Watch concerts of your favorite artist, sing with them, tap your fingers on the table, and hum a lullaby. This will keep your spirit up.

Love your music.

Learn lessons by YOUR heart and you'll find yourself playing like a pro.

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