December 2014


How To Make Coca Cola Truck

[s3vpp id=3798ae8cd39172b7dcb233c488abbb91] How To Make Coca Cola Truck

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How to Make a 3D Paper Star

[s3vpp id=035c18f11024a9a07428e413ca853a9d] How to Make a 3D Paper Star

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5 Clever Chapstick Usage Tips

[s3vpp id=f64b510cc0e1a8b947674e15b188b516] 5 More Clever Uses For Chapstick  

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Need Help Getting To Sleep?

[s3vpp id=56468506794d89499af9c21b43f80b5d] Tom Gale Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis for deep sleep, relaxation and confidence

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Cicret Bracelet

The Cicret Bracelet

[s3vpp id=2ff529f266d91b433cedfe4e774adca0] The newest smart device is (almost) here, and it’s making waves as the most advanced technology most of us have ever seen.  

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How To Cut A Watermelon

[s3vpp id=f778732ad1769fbfacb50d47b39331d8] How To Cut A Watermelon Check us out for more Clever Tips added regularly.

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Cute Baby Goat

[s3vpp id=04787097105310017d29bc0ba057148f] This baby pygmy goat was rejected by his mother and orphaned.  That is until he got a new foster family with Tom.  Benjamin the goat follows Tom around every place he goes, including work.

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Chemistry Life Hacks v1

[s3vpp id=b57ae604fd367650fee041e214ace7e2] Chemistry Life Hacks V1 Coffee Cream & Salt? How To Ripen Bananas Fast How To Save A  Cookie How To Clean Rust Off An Iron Skillet

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How To Cut An Onion

[svpVideo v=1] How To Cut An Onion

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How To Serve Pineapple

[svpVideo v=1] How To Serve Pineapple.

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